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The Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital opened in 2011. This next-generation hospital was designed as an adaptable facility, able to meet the patients’ changing needs, to face natural disasters such as earthquakes and to be eco-friendly by taking advantage of the natural resources surrounding it.

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The eco-friendly activities of the Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital are based on a heat pump, solar panels and wind turbines, a central monitoring of the energy consumption across the hospital and various educational actions towards the staff and the patients. 

The result of the energy saving programs is a reduction of 4,300-ton CO. emission per year: the amount of energy and mega joule units has been reduced by about 50 to 55 percent.

Meet your expert guides

Honorary Director of the Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital

Dr. Satoru Komatsumoto

Architect of the Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital

Dr Yasushi Nagasawa

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