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Get on board virtually to Japan to explore the confinement-free dementia care model of AOI Care. Mr. Tadasuke Kato, awarded expert and the founder of AOI Care, will guide you through key benefits and best practices in community-based dementia care.

Dementia care calls for innovation

And this eJourney will help you think outside of the box

Currently, 50 million people are living with Alzheimer's, according to the World Health Organization. In Japan's hyper-aged society, currently 4.6 million citzens are living with a type of dementia such as Alzheimer's. And this number is expected to rise significantly as the population ages.

Studies show that 43% of this population needs a high level of care equivalent to that of a nursing home, adding dramatically to the pressure over the dementia care sector. 

This unsettling context has urged Mr. Tadasuke Kato to think out of the box in the expansion of dementia care. AOI Care is the outstanding outcome of this effort, a new model combining efficiency and quality of life in dementia care.

Meet your expert guide

Founder of AOI Care

Tadasuke Kato

Mr. Tadasuke Kato is the founder and CEO of AOI Care, a care complex for older adults suffering from dementia. AOI Care is among Japan's most renowned organizations for its unique community-based intergenerational care model.

They will also guide you

Erisa Ozawa

Caregiver at AOI Care

Mariko Asai

User at AOI Care

What you will get on this eJourney

A complete step by step program

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    • Welcome to AOI Care

    • How AOI Care reduces hazards often attributed to dementia?

    • How AOI Care engages the community in the care for dementia?

    • How is AOI Care's team composed?

    • How is it to work as a caregiver at AOI Care?

    • Why AOI Care prefers not to rely on volunteers?

    • How is AOI Care organized and financed?

    • Why and how AOI Care provides intergenerational social housing?

    • How AOI Care creation aligns with the Japanese long-term care system reform?

    • How AOI Care infuses intergenerational care on its daily environment?

    • What are your key recommendations to dementia care providers?

    • How did AOI Care respond to the COVID-19 crisis?

    • An user's story

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    The Japanese Long-Term Care System

    • Presentation by the system's planner, Mr. Teruyuki Katori

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    Download the Workbook recaping key takeaways

    • Workbook

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    Feedback Survey

    • Feedback Survey

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