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Join us in the heart of the French capital, at the Paris Psychiatry and Neurosciences University Hospital Group, to meet an extraordinary team, which combines design and cultural management skills to support the transformation of internal practices and organizations.

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In Paris, the Paris Psychiatry and Neurosciences University Hospital Group is one of the first to have hired a team of designers and cultural managers to support its ongoing transformation. 

The Lab-ah, Reception and Hospitality Laboratory, brings together a cultural manager and four designers whose mission is to forge partnerships with hospital teams and to support them in imagining the future together. 

With Marie Coirié and Carine Delanoë-Vieux, the co-managers of Lab-AH, follow these passionate professionals to discover the genesis of this very special project and their achievements in the service of patients and teams of three hospitals specializing in mental health and neuroscience.

Meet your expert guides

Designer Co-Manager at the Lab-ah

Marie Coirié

Marie Coirié, designer specialized in the field of health is Co-Manager of the lab-AH, the Laboratory of the Paris Psychiatry and Neurosciences University Hospital Group.

Co-Manager of the Lab-ah

Carine Delanoë-Vieux

Carine Delanoë-Vieux, is a cultural manager who co-founded the Lab-ah (the welcome and hospitality laboratory of the Grouping of Paris University Hospitals) in 2016. She has been co-managing this design lab with Marie Coirié Since then. Carine has been working for twenty years in the public hospital sector. She successively founded and directed three cultural innovation structures integrated into public hospitals. Since October 2018, she has been doing a PhD at the University of Strasbourg, at the ACCRA laboratory (Contemporary approaches to creation and artistic reflection). Her PhD dissertation is called "Art and design: the artistic creation between hostility and hospitality of patient care settings, and livability of the world”.

They will also guide you

Coline Fontaine

Designer and Project manager at the Lab-ah

Coline Fontaine has been a designer and a project manager at the Lab-ah since 2018. After graduating from the École Boulle and the ENSCI Les Ateliers, she specialized in designing projects for public spaces, focusing on educational mediation and participatory user design systems.

Benjamin Salabay

Designer and Project manager at the Lab-ah

Benjamin Salabay is a designer and an illustrator. After graduating from the ENSCI Les Ateliers in Paris in 2010, he specialized in scenography of cultural spaces, seeking a dialogue between the various forms of design through his practice and through drawing. After taking some time-off due to medical reasons and working as a teacher, Benjamin joined the Lab-ah in 2018, as a referent for space and furniture projects. Within the team, he participates in the research and writing of hospitality design through the use of creative tools and co-design.

Dr. Sonia Hamdoun

Physician at the GHU Paris Neurosciences & Psychiatry

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    • Welcome to the Lab-ah

    • The Lab-ah: A unique alliance between culture and design to support the transformation of hospitals

    • Using design-based approach to improve clinical practice

    • Collaboration to improve patient Experience

    • How does the hospital impact design?

    • Why integrate culture and design in the hospital?

    • Bienvenue chez Eugène /1: Designing hospitality in a mental health facility

    • Bienvenue chez Eugène /2: Understand the stakeholders point of view

    • Bienvenue chez Eugène /3: Reinventing design tools to adapt to the needs of the users

    • Bienvenue chez Eugène /4: The Eugène walkaround

    • Bienvenue chez Eugène /5: The results

    • Bienvenue chez Eugène /6 : A crossing between design and cultural approaches

    • Bienvenue chez Eugène /7: What is at the core of the Lab-ah approach ?

    • Bienvenue chez Eugène /8: How does the lab-ah intervention impact the new building today?

    • Neurology Sainte-Anne /1: Involving patients and staff in the design of a new hospital building

    • Neurology Sainte-Anne /2: Understand the patients' experience

    • Neurology Sainte-Anne /3: Focusing on the place of families in the hospital : the spaces

    • Neurology Sainte-Anne /4: Presentation of the Experience room

    • Neurology Sainte-Anne /5: The participative game board

    • Neurology Sainte-Anne /6: The data visualisation

    • Neurology Sainte-Anne /7: The stories

    • An experiment with sonic design

    • How to adopt a design-based approach in a hospital?

    • How and why was the Lab-ah created?

    • Assessing the needs: the first years of the Lab-ah

    • Working toward scaling: The Lab-ah today

    • Designing in healthcare: A unique professional opportunity /1

    • Designing in healthcare: A unique professional opportunity /2

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