Discover the Horizon nursing home in France,

belonging to the FEDOSAD association in Dijon, comprises 5 small independent living units accommodating a total of 71 residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders. The facility places great emphasis on personalised support projects, expressed in the form of a daisy. The lockdown period has limited this personalisation, creating a distance between the residents and their relatives but also with the employees.

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Embark virtually on an eJourney to Dijon, to meet the FEDOSAD teams and in particular the ones of the Horizon nursing home and discover the measures put in place by the facility to highlight the extraordinary meetings, a personalised support project, which has been strongly disrupted by the Covid-19 health crisis.

The idea of the extraordinary meetings is to organise a visit that is out of the ordinary between the resident and his relatives. The mission of the resident's referent employee is to imagine a moment of pleasure in connection with the life history of the resident and the link that he/she may have with his/her loved one(s). These meetings can take many forms, such as a cinema session or an exhibition of a resident's drawings.

Good practice in strenghtening the bonds between residents and their families

This eJourney will help you think outside the box

In line with the personalised support project that has been in place for several years in the FEDOSAD facilities, the team wanted to create a moment to please the residents and their families. It was also a way to re-engage the employees in the personalised support project after some difficult months by helping them to create moments of shared pleasure.

The idea was to plan a visit, but one that was out of the ordinary: an extraordinary meeting. To do so, the team’s mission was to personalise the visit, by animating it thanks to the detailed knowledge that the go-to contact employee has of the resident, and to participate in this meeting with the resident and the family. This dedicated time refers to the resident’s life history and the relationship they may have with their relative.

Meet your expert guides

Operational Director of the FEDOSAD facility cluster

Angélique Gonzales

Health executive

Carine Baudrand

You will also be guided by some of the staff of the Horizon nursing home and residents’ relatives

Sarina Ho You Fat

Go-to contact nurse

Sophie Dejeux


Nino Scheibel



Carer of Philippe Fernandez, resident


Carer of Yvonne Poignant, resident

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