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The Foch Hospital is one of the first French hospitals to tackle the issues of the patient experience. His Patient Experience Leadership is enthusiastically working, one project at a time, to fundamentally transform his culture and organization.

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Putting the patient experience at the forefront of its priorities is the commitment made by Foch Hospital, a non-profit teaching hospital located on the outskirts of Paris, France. 

Follow Valérie Moulins, the first director of patient experience in France, to discover the myriad of projects which, put together, support the transformation of hospital practices and the refocusing on patient needs. 

Find out how the Foch Hospital is pursuing an ambitious policy within a constrained budget, focusing in particular on digital technology and strategically chosen facilities.

Meet your expert guides

Communication and Patient Experience Director at Hôpital Foch

Valérie Moulins

Valérie Moulins has been Director of Communications for the Foch Hospital in Suresnes for 8 years. Armed with 16 years of experience in the field of sports marketing, she successively held the positions of Director of Communications for the FFRandonnée and the Société Centrale canine. She very quickly deployed her expertise in the hospital by bringing an external vision of the hospital world. Very attached to the subject of Patient Experience (and member of the Patient Experience Institute), she launched the dynamic at Foch Hospital by creating the position of Director of Patient Experience in November 2018.

Patient Experience Manager at Hôpital Foch

Hélène Décis-Lartigau

Hélène Décis-Lartigau has been in charge of the Patient Experience at the Foch Hospital since September 2019. An "atypical" profile, she was a literature teacher and musicologist for nearly 15 years, and then a therapist. Before taking up her position at Foch, she ran the hospital's Maison de Parents, welcoming the families of patients from the provinces and abroad. Today, she combines her various skills to improve the experience of patients and their families: pedagogy, listening skills, a taste for collective intelligence, conflict management, and ethical reflection on the humanization of care paths. The Living Lab's activities and partnerships with patients feed her work, and a team is gradually being built up under the direction of Valérie Moulins, with the participation of volunteers and young people hired for their civic service.

They will also guide you

Floran Guignard

Patient Experience Officer

Passionate about the medical and hospital sector, Floran Guignard specialized in health after obtaining a degree in Human Sciences. Today, he has an MBA in Communication & Health and a first experience within the French Hospital Federation (FHF). He now puts his knowledge and relational skills at the service of patients and caregivers of the Foch Hospital. He joined the Patient Experience department in June 2020.

Sophie Le Pourhiet

Patient and volunteer in the Patient Experience Team

Trained as a veterinarian, Sophie Le Pourhiet worked for more than 11 years in the pharmaceutical industry (human). Her strong patient orientation, combined with her desire to contribute to the global improvement of their care, led her to commit herself to improving the experience of patients and their families in hospitals. Sophie is a member of the French Institute of Patient Experience and a volunteer in the Patient Experience Department at the Foch Hospital.

Zohra Ould Said

Senior Manager of the Imaging service

Attracted by helping and caring for others, Zohra OULD SAID always knew that she would work in a hospital environment. After starting her career as a medical imaging technician at the APHP, she oriented her professional career towards the management of care teams at the Foch Hospital. Having obtained the diplomas of health executive and director of health and solidarity structures, she now manages the Imaging division, which includes all the technical platforms where patients receive radiological examinations. Concerned about the quality of the service provided, she is committed to involving all the teams in these sectors in the patient experience approach and to developing this culture.

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    • Hôpital Foch's toolkit to measure and improve Patient Experience

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