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iZi Experience Home

Discover how this unique living lab for social and aged care innovation works

  • Location

    The Hague, Netherlands

  • Type of innovation

    Technologies for Aging in Place

Get on board virtually to The Hague in the Netherlands to explore the iZi Experience Home, the internationally awarded living lab promoting innovations that help older adults living longer and healthier at their own homes. 

The managers Nicole Menke and Christiane Wüstkamp, as well as project volunteers, will guide you through the key benefits and best practices of iZi's pioneer "smart and warm" approach.

Meet your expert guides

Program manager iZi Healthy@Home

Nicole Menke

Nicole Menke is a Senior associate of the city of The Hague, in the Netherlands, specialized in policy matters on e-health for citizens who are in need of support to live independently and healthy at home. She is the manager and responsible for the iZi Experience.

Project leader iZi communities

Christiane Wüstkamp

Christiane Wüstkamp works for the Municipality of The Hague, in the Netherlands, as the community engagement leader of the awarded innovation program iZi Experience.

They will also guide you

Ans Vogelaar

iZi Ambassador

Nico Keus

iZi Ambassador

What you will get on this eJourney

A complete step by step program

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    Start your eJourney

    • How to use your eJourney platform

    • Download the Workbook: the educational report of your eJourney

    • Welcome to iZi Experience Home

    • Welcome from the iZi volunteer ambassadors

    • Why The Hague created iZi?

    • Safe cooking technology

    • Mattress sensor technology

    • Beyond the testings: Engaging a community

    • How did iZi adopt a bottom-up approach to innovation?

    • Why did you join iZi as a volunteer ambassador?

    • What is the profile of iZi's testing community?

    • What is your key recommendation for innovators addressing the challenges of seniors?

    • Testing technologies as an iZi ambassador

    • How did iZi change your view on technology?

    • Portable alarm technology

    • How iZi's "Smart and Warm" approach to innovation improves the quality and the adoption rate of technologies?

    • How iZi's co-innovation approach can benefit care providers and workers?

    • What are iZi's most important missions to you as a testing ambassador?

    • The key recommendations for care providers developing and adopting innovation.

    • What are iZi's key criteria of good innovation

    • Interoperability: An important challenge to overcome

    • Health and Innovation in The Hague

    • Implementing the iZi approach: An overview of the main phases

    • Implementing iZi : Phase 1 - First survey

    • What were the key outcomes of iZi's user needs research?

    • Implementing iZi : Phase 2 - Setting up the iZi Appartment

    • Implementing iZi : Phase 3 - Testing at home

    • Implementing iZi: Phase 4 - Results and feedbacks

    • What is the work of an iZi ambassador?

    • How did you become an iZi ambassador?

    • What has marked you the most from your experience with iZi?

    • How iZi helps you in builiding social bonds?

    • What have you learned from your experience at iZi?

    • What is iZi's team of professionals?

    • Financing iZi

    • What are iZi's key partnerships?

    • How open is iZi for new collaborators and partners?

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    Download the Workbook recaping key takeaways

    • Workbook

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    Feedback Survey

    • Feedback Survey

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