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Immerse yourself in our eJourney to visit the memory garden, cuddle the fluffy chickens and rabbits and meet the many volunteers working side by side with the staff and residents of Pennemes' sustainable aged care environment.

  • Location

    Zaandam, Netherlands

  • Type of innovation

    Green innovations

Get on board virtually to Zaandam, in the suburbs of Amsterdam in the Netherlands to explore Pennemes, an aged care organization promoting green innovations that help older adults living healthier and happier.

You will be guided through the key benefits and best practices of adopting nature-based (green) innovations on aged care. Get on board this eJourney with Dr. Rutger De Graaf, the Innovation Advisor of Pennemes and Het Mennistenerf, and other key stakeholders of this model.

Meet your expert guide

Innovation Advisor of Pennemes and Het Mennistenerf

Dr. Rutger De Graaf

Dr. Rutger de Graaf has been a healthcare innovation manager for 20 years. He started his career in the pharmaceutical industry where he specialized on innovation process. He is the Innovation and Communication advisor of Pennemes and Mennistenerf, where he plays a central role promoting nature-assisted innovation.

They will also guide you

Jacob Spaander

Coordinator of the green volunteers

Nel Koedoder

Client of Pennemes

Henk van de Berg

Green volunteer at Pennemes

Jeroen van de Berg

Green volunteer at Pennemes

What you will get on this eJourney

A complete step by step program

  • 1

    Start your eJourney

    • How to use your eJourney platform

    • Download the Workbook: the educational report of your eJourney

    • Welcome to Pennemes by Dr. Rutger de Graaf

    • How many residents and what are their profiles?

    • Pennemes key user and staff figures

    • How is it to live at Pennemes?

    • Adopting plants to improve air quality

    • Enabling sunlight in the care environment

    • Adopting animals

    • Implementing playful green activities

    • Welcome by the coordinator of green volunteers

    • Why and how to adopt a playful green environment?

    • The rooftop garden

    • Welcome by green volunteers

    • The importance of intergenerational activities

    • How many green volunteers are working ?

    • What are the activities of the green volunteers?

    • How to manage green volunteers?

    • How to retain volunteers?

    • What is the place of green volunteers in the organization?

    • How to have a good impact on the environment?

    • The healthcare system calls for green innovation

    • Linking sustainability and health

    • Reducing food waste

    • How can green innovation be financed?

    • The benefits of buying locally

    • Recommendations for organizations going green

    • The importance of a bottom-up approach

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    Download the Workbook recaping key takeaways

    • Workbook

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    Feedback Survey

    • Feedback Survey

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