Embark to South Africa and discover TAFTA,

the association for the aged (TAFTA) that welcomes a wide range of elders: approximately 1800 people live within the 13 facilities and around 3000 people are supported in the community as well through our homebased care programmes and community outreach programs. Around 400 staff (150 employed directly, 250 outsourced) are working to support the older adults in these facilities and the community.

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Take a virtual trip to Durban, South Africa, to meet TAFTA's staff and residents and learn about the ways in which TAFTA is addressing the communication challenges generated by the Covid-19 health crisis in their facilities.

TAFTA has decided to give a role and responsibilities to some of its residents, the "Communication Champions". Using new technologies such as Facebook or Whatsapp and door-to-door discussions, the Champions were in charge of disseminating information between staff, families and residents.


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Katie Sloan

I love that the residents are the teachers and primary spokespersons for this journey - not someone talking about the residents. Empowering, and real.

I love that the residents are the teachers and primary spokespersons for this journey - not someone talking about the residents. Empowering, and real.

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Good practice in overcoming communication difficulties caused by Covid-19 lockdown

This eJourney will help you think outside the box

In March 2020, TAFTA’s 13 residential facilities entered a 6-month lockdown period. To overcome the communication difficulties (between families and elders or staff, among the association’s sites, and between older adults themselves), the association decided to empower the most Tech savvy and sociable older adults.

These Communication Champions were in charge of the communication inside the facilities, as well by using social networks or phones, and going door to door to explain the situation and news to the frailer residents.

Meet your expert guides


Femada Shamam

Divisional manager of Income development, marketing and public relations at TAFTA

Prevashni Naidu

You will also be guided by

Sister Erica Bothma

Nursing service manager at John Conradie House Frail Care

Lynette Matthews

Resident and communications champion

Basil Usher

Resident and communications champion

Nompilo Mkhize

Caregiver and team leader

Frederick Fayers

Son of Anna Katrina Fayers, a resident

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